Top 10 Ugliest Fish!

January 22nd, 2013
Some fish are colorful, beautiful, graceful, and sublime. The fish in this list are not those fish. The following fish make our top 10 list because they are profoundly hideous. You probably won’t see these fish swimming in the fish tank at a restaurant or doctor’s office any time soon; you will find these fish at the bottom of the sea, living in mud, or hiding under a rock because they are so ugly. But never fear! We have reeled in these disgusting fish and assembled them in order for your amusement. See if you agree with us that these fish are the most ugly.

10. Moray Eel

This fish is ugly because it looks very sinister. Its slimy skin and dark complexion accentuate its razor sharp teeth; its blue eyes look bent on doing evil deeds to any living thing that comes too close to its filthy hole in the coral. Their very aggressive nature doesn’t help their aesthetics either; they are known to attack divers and tourists exploring tropical waters. Moray Eels won’t be winning any beauty pageants any time soon.

9. Snakehead

These extremely destructive fish look like a cross between a Moray Eel and a piranha, but these fish can actually live out of the water for months. As their names suggests, these fish are elongated and do look something like a snake, except much more aggressive and ravenous. They eat constantly and don’t discriminate their food: snakeheads will try to eat anything that tries to swim away from them. And the award for a voracious appetite combined with a hideous face goes to: snakeheads!

8. Sunfish

This fish looks as if someone chopped a regular fish in half and then placed the extra fins from one half onto the top and bottom of the other half and set it adrift in the ocean. It is difficult to tell if this fish is coming or going, and which way is up and which way is down. The fish itself looks confused. Its blunt forehead and bugged out eyes give it the look of sheer stupidity. The sunfish is probably not the empty-headed moron of the sea, but it certainly looks like it is.

7. Lumpfish

As its name suggests, the lumpfish is exactly that…lumpy. It looks like a giant conglomeration of phlegm that has had time to congeal into a hideous blob of disgustingness. You know that gross cough you get when you have a cold? The lumpfish resembles the mucus that you cough up. However, never judge a book by its cover or a fish by its appearance; the lumpfish is actually very good for eating. All you have to do is get past its grotesque appearance in order to eat it.

6. Wolf Fish

The wolf fish looks nothing like the majestic, sublime, furry, land-based canine for which it is named. Rather, it looks like a long, somewhat robust stone with fins and a set of pearly white teeth. Despite it’s the name, the wolf fish is not known to be aggressive unless it is caught, being eaten, or just threatened. Its not really good for food, so you probably won’t see this fish in your local grocery or fish market. The fish have been known to bite rocks in an effort to find food, which contributes to its overall personal of stupidity and uselessness.

5. Goblin Shark

It looks exactly like it sounds. Take the shark from the movie Jaws and give it a weird, mildly sinister, and profoundly mischievous face and call it a goblin shark. It has a very distinctive nose that sticks out way too far, even farther than its crooked teeth (some of which stick straight out). The goblin shark is by far the “special-looking” child of the shark world.

4. Angler Fish

This fish is the stuff that nightmares are made of. It is perhaps the most sinister looking creature in the ocean that looks determined to bite off a finger or chunk of flesh. As if that wasn’t bad enough, it also has a diabolical adaptation to catch its prey. It creates its own light. That’s right, it generates its own source of light to lure other fish out of the darkness and into its mouth full of teeth. If you can catch the angler fish it is actually good to eat. But would you really want to eat something that has its own light bulb dangling in front of its face?

3. Batfish

There is absolutely nothing normal about the batfish. It looks like it has human lips, and it looks as if it is wearing deep red lipstick on those human lips. It is a bottom feeder that has what look like legs to walk on the bottom of the sea. (With those lips, its probably looking for something on the sea floor to kiss.) It is called the batfish because it is shaped like a bat: flat and angular. It cannot fly like a bat, but it is certainly ugly like one.

2. Human Face Fish

Have you ever seen a human being who mildly resembles a fish?

1. Blobfish

This fish defies description. It is the dopiest, saddest, and most moronic looking creature in the ocean. The blobfish is essentially a booger that can swim. Or maybe it is the “Kilroy was here” guy in the form of a fish. Regardless of what it is, it is certainly one of the ugliest, most disgusting fish in the sea. It might be good to eat, but it is doubtful that any human has tried to eat a blobfish, so we may never know. It is probably best left to itself.


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