Top 10 Most Hunted Rare & Endangered Species

June 15th, 2013
Rare species from all over the world are becoming more endangered due to reasons such as habitat loss, being preys of invasive predators, climate change and the famous hunting games. Despite of the strict hunting regulations imposed to control and operate hunting activities through ethical ways, still these endangered species are being poached for trophies, for sports, for fashionable merchandise and for some exotic delicacies and medical purposes. Below are species with diminishing number in population that deserve to be saved from extinction.

10. Vulnerable for Fashionable Merchandise

The crocodiles skins are highly priced for their valuable purposes in fashion industries. The excessive hunting for American crocodiles made them endangered, but with the crocodile conservation cause they are now classified as vulnerable but not an assurance that they are safe from human poaching.

9. Who's Afraid of the Great White Shark?

Regardless of their fatal teeth, many still hunts for this near to endangered species because in several parts of the world commercial fishing for this marine life is legal and the fins are highly priced for a soup delicacy.

8. The Fast but Not Furious King Cheetah

Cheetahs are not harmful to people since they regarded humans as predators. Despite of their friendly nature they are still poached of their valuable fur especially the King Cheetah.

7. Huge but Vulnerable Hippos

Many professional hunters haven't tried their luck with ferocious hippos but still they are poached for hunting trophy purposes especially their ivory teeth.

6. The Vulnerable Polar Bear Family

Despite of being noted as the most dangerous bear in the world, there are still indigenous people in the Arctic who dared hunt for these bears and America permitted this as a hunting sport that bears a $35,000 hunting license.

5. Not A Beary Friendly Grizzly

Among the many reasons for the Grizzly bears extinction are climate change, industrial improvement and the very common human's self defense and the popular hunting trophy.

4. A Majestic Hunting Trophy

This largest animal of the cat specie is hailed next to the lion as majestic hunting trophies and its pelt is fantastically fashionable.

3. The Vulnerable King of the Jungle

Being classified as vulnerable is just one degree better than endangered. The African Lion's magnificent appearance makes them a very popular object for hunting trophies.

2. Large but Vulnerable African Bush Elephant

Despite the international ban for ivory, these considered biggest animals in the wild are still poached for trophy among wealthy Asians.

1. Extremely Endangered Black Rhinoceros

With total population amounting to 2,500 as of 2010, its torn is the major reason why they are still poached. Its torn is pulverized for some medical properties.


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